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Dr. Doug Gregory: Co-Founder Head Chiropractor

Dr. Doug Gregory is a Co-Founder of Statera Chiropractic. Dr. Doug grew up in Cache Valley, UT where he enjoyed participating in many sports and Scouting events throughout his youth. After serving a two year proselytize mission in Chihuahua, Mexico, he attended Utah State University. Here, he continued his athletic career on the USU stunt team. Due to the rigorous nature of stunting, he suffered from repetitive neck, low back and shoulder injuries. This left him with constant headaches along with numbness, pain and weakness. Fearing that his only option would be surgery, Dr. Doug sought out alternative options. After being under specific, neurological chiropractic care he began to realize that not only was his pain being resolved but his overall health had drastically improved.  His lifelong digestive issues were subsiding, and eventually were gone completely. After learning how neurologically based chiropractic care could change the lives of friends and family he loved, he knew that this was his calling in life.

Dr. Doug Gregory graduated Summa Cum Laude from Life University in Atlanta, GA. He went on to learn and practice in one of the largest and fastest growing family centered chiropractic offices in Texas. Although Dr. Gregory and his family loved the people of Texas, they knew they were meant to serve the people of Utah. Dr. Doug and his wife Kyndall, along with their two children are dedicated to serving their Weber/Davis county community and excited to share the benefits of neurologically based chiropractic care with those around them for years to come.

kyndall gregory statera chiropractic

Kyndall Gregory: Co-Founder Director

Kyndall is a Co-Founder and Director at Statera Chiropractic. She grew up in a small town in Idaho. She was a very active participant in sports and extracurricular activities throughout high school. She especially loved dancing. Kyndall excelled on her high school Drill Team and was also a national competitive ballroom dancer.

Kyndall went on to get her Bachelor’s degree in Corporate Communications with minors in Marketing, Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Utah State University. She served on the Utah State Athletics Marketing Team where she met her husband, Dr. Doug Gregory.

Kyndall became aligned in the mission of perpetuating the future of chiropractic while experiencing the miracle it provided her throughout her pregnancies. Her first pregnancy, she only got adjusted when she felt her sciatica flare up and would use chiropractic for symptomatic relief. Her son’s birth was smooth and uncomplicated but not the natural birth she had hoped for. When she became pregnant with her daughter, she fully understood how beneficial it was to get adjusted more regularly throughout her pregnancy. This pregnancy was much easier on her body and she was able to experience an all natural water birth only lasting an hour and twenty minutes. This experience has fueled her passion for chiropractic, especially for pregnancy and infants.

michaela statera

Michaela Johnson – Billing Manager

Michaela is a small town country girl from Idaho. After high school she went on to get her cosmetology and master esthetics license. She is the mother to three little kids, boy/girl twins and a little girl. Her and her family love to go camping, have BBQs and jump on the trampoline. Michaela is a military spouse and loves the unity among those who serve. She also served as the FRG leader for her husbands unit. She also enjoys weight training, running Spartan Obstacle races, and camping. Michaela has experienced the health benefits of principled chiropractic care and is grateful and excited to share with others the benefits here at Statera Chiropratic.

erin statera

Erin Bednarik – Chiropractic Assistant

Erin graduated from high school in 2018, with a high honors diploma. Erin has a hunger for knowledge and strives to learn as many new things as possible. She is especially interested in marketing, health, and literature. Erin was an accomplished member of the DECA club where she was active volunteer in the community. When she is not serving at Statera Chiropractic, she loves to participate in many volunteer opportunities. Her most recent project was making and donating hygiene kits to the American Red Cross. Erin also enjoys spending her free time outside! “I love the sunshine and am obsessed with butterflies. If I could be any animal I would be a butterfly because, they work hard and their hard work creates beauty around them.”

erin statera

Kohl Christensen – Chiropractic Assistant

Kohl Christensen was raised in the small town of Marriott-Slaterville, Utah. He graduated from Fremont high school in 2015 and then left for a two year religious mission in Barcelona, Spain where he got to travel from Andorra to the Balearic Islands. He loves speaking Spanish and learning about different cultures. He is now currently studying marketing at Weber State University. He enjoys playing sports and reading new things. He also loves helping and meeting other people. He is thankful for chiropractic care and what health benefits it can offer to individuals and families.

erin statera

Camille – Chiropractic Assistant

Camille grew up in South Jordan UT with two older sisters, an identical twin, and one younger brother. Growing up Camille played many different competitive sports. She graduated from Bingham High School in 2016 with a full ride athletic track & field scholarship to Weber State University. Camille has a strong passion for recovery and healing after suffering a serious sports related injury that ended her collegiate running career. Staying active is something that is very important to her, and Camille has experienced the benefits of chiropractic in her own ability to function after her injury. In her free time Camille loves to travel, go to concerts, and explore the great outdoors.

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